The Artist

Carter is an observer and photographer with an insatiable appetite for capturing slices of time and moments of light and sharing them with the world. His collection ranges across North America and many remote places around the world and he has ventured into all types of weather to create his works of art. Visiting locations multiple times from one year to the next enduring snow, rain, high winds, and sleeping amongst the wildlife to capture some of the seemingly endless beauty from our land that most never will have the opportunity to witness.

Now with multiple award winning images from black and white to panoramic film Carter has brought a part of this world back to us. He has had curators such as the world-renowned Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C display his work. He utilizes both film and various high-end digital mediums to create his work of art and adheres to traditional darkroom methods of photo developing to be true to what he witnesses. Carter specializes in landscape and wildlife imagery and his love for our world can be seen in his work.