Limited Edtion of 50 | Artist Proof 5

BW Limited Edition of 25 | Artist Proof 5

Rosey Spoon
Owl's Heart
Among the Pines
On Display
In Hiding
Purple Haze
Stepping Lightly
Sprucing it Up
My Real Colors
Winter Blues
Heart of Spring
Hatchling on the Heath
Aren't I Pretty
Great Blue Staulking
Green On Green
Grouse Mosaic
Count My Feathers
Fanning Out
Snowy Perch
Hoo Hoo's Watching?
Reflecting Brilliance
Winter Walk
Room For One
Sailing Into Light
Sharp Eye
Rockin Auklet
Cliff Dwellers
The Pelican Triad
A Swan's Lake
A Good Catch
Raven Haven
Black on White
Tufting Out Winter
Majestic Pelican
Sandhill Sunset
Pondering Puffin
The Hood
Eyeing You
I Can Fly
Standing Proud
Big Blue
Winged Ruby
Blue on the Yellow
Heart To Heart
Brown on Brown
Gobblers in the Wild
Pairing Canadas
Spear Fishing
Tipped Wings
Three of a Kind